Looking for a side hustle to explore while you're still performing? Discover new purpose-filled possibilities!

At the Pivoting Performers Summit, you'll . .

✔️ Spark your next fulfilling creative calling

✔️ Begin your leap toward a new purpose

✔️ Shine a spotlight on your inner potential

✔️ Squash the doubts of what "could have been"

✔️ Answer the question "What Next?" for yourself

✔️ Learn how to use your stage experience as leverage

"Pivots happen for us, not to us. "


"Everything you've done has prepared you for a stronger encore."


"Choreograph your next leap, a larger spotlight lies ahead."

"My vision is to create a supportive community of performers and creatives like you, who are tenacious in their search for a purpose that serves to make an impact on the lives of others, whether that be on or off the stage. In this community of performers, we don't have to feel like we're alone in whatever stage of life we’re in. We don't have to feel like a failure starting over. And we can feel confident that there is something here that we’re all meant to do. Together… we find it." -Priscilla Pfeiffer

VIRTUAL EVENT - WaTch on-Demand